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The Room by Room Approach

Will you be living in your house while it's on the market?  Most people do!

It's for this reason that Room by Room invested in specialized training with industry leader and visionary Bobbie McGrath.  As Occupied Consultation Specialists, we share our creativity and experience to help you "see" your home as a buyer would.  And we have a proven process for defining "what to do" and "where to start" that's designed to respect your family's needs, timeline and budget. 

Step 1 - Market-Ready Consultation:  An in-depth, comprehensive, interactive assessment that prepares our clients to enter the market from a position of strength by focusing on key factors that influence buying decisions and price.  Be prepared to spend a few hours together!  Whether it's help with choosing paint colors, deciding what to keep and what to pack away, or how to best highlight your home's character and livability, Room by Room will substitute cost-effective solutions for stress and guesswork

Step 2 - Your "Homework:"  Following the initial consultation, Room by Room will summarize priority recommendations and action steps to maximize your home's buyer appeal. These may include necessary maintenance issues and cost-effective updates, as well as items in the home to edit, store or repurpose.  As needed, we can be available to assist with priorities you don't have the time or inclination to complete.  

Step 3 - Photo-Prep Package:  In order to be certain that "the stage is set" to deliver the strongest listing photos, Room by Room can be available prior to the photo shoot to make final adjustments. 

Inventory Rental and Shopping Services:  Occupied staging plans will focus first on making the best use of items available in the home to maximize your home's marketability and buyer appeal.  As needed, we can prepare a proposal to draw from our extensive inventory of furniture, artwork, lighting and accessories to complete rooms and best accomplish staging objectives.  We can also provide shopping services for any items agreed to be purchased, or recommend sources for the same.

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Just thinking about getting your home ready to sell can be overwhelming!  Room by Room can help you put a plan together.  Contact us to schedule an initial consultation - we're here to help!